Christmas Wedding Shower Ideas

Vintage Christmas Wedding Shower InvitationsSome Christmas Wedding Shower ideas for a wintertime wedding. Even if the wedding is after the New Year, a Christmas themed shower will still be a nice touch.  There are many fun ideas to create a wintertime or Christmastime wedding shower. We like the idea of a wedding shower that has all the trimmings of a Christmas party. The house is decorated for the Holidays so a festive mood is already in the air! Serve Traditional Christmas Cookies and hot coco, or perhaps Candy Cane Cocktails are more in order for an evening time event. Be sure to have a cheerful holiday musical mix playing to raise everyone’s spirits.

For a creative shower might include a crafting session where all the guests make ornaments for the newlyweds first tree. It is a nice idea to include the wedding date and the Brides and Grooms names. This way the ornaments will also be a reminder of their anniversary. Be sure to prepare a table top tree that is unadorned, ready for the freshly made ornaments to be displayed.
Here is a wonderfully creative list published by – 25 Christmas Ornaments to Make:  4handmadeorn

We love the idea of incorporating a Shabby Chic Theme to the Vintage Wedding Shower. The Vintage Christmas Wedding Shower invitations created by Vintage Wedding Invitation use the shabby chic concept to create a rustic fantasy of a Bridal Shower. A soft color scheme adds to the romantic mood of the approaching ceremony, and adds a misty, frosted magic to everything. Softening the traditional Christmas red to pink and green to teal will set the mood for a cottage-style, homespun feel to the event, matching the hand made ornaments project. Customize party keepsakes for your guests in advance by making Vintage Christmas Bridal Shower Ornaments with our personalized ceramic ornaments. Everyone will remember this event for years to come each time they decorate their Christmas tree. After all, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

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