Wedding Trends Invitation Collections

These Wedding Trends Invitation Collections are designed by other artists who have their eye on todays current design trends and themes. All are fully customizable online. Click on the collections to go to the Zazzle shops and customize to make them your very own.

Vintage Rose Wedding Invitations

These gorgeous Vintage Rose Wedding Invitations feature an old world illustration of pink roses, over a lace background and a touch of antique pearls. Customize this invitation and all of the elegant components with your own name, dates and words. Available in Wedding Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations too. Click the image to visit the shop to customize.
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Diane + Hubby
Wedding Day 1996

About our Vintage Wedding Invitations. began as an off-spring of my profession as a graphic designer and illustrator.  I am Diane and I have been creating commercial art for 20+ years. One day, a few years ago, I had a client request a vintage style invitation for her wedding. She was a swing dancer and avid fan of the Old Hollywood style of the 1930s and 1940s, and since I shared that same interest, the assignment was a joy. That same day I believe V-W-I was born.

Since this single design was created for this one person, I have grown this concept into a business with designs for wedding and showers that reflect the styles of the decades beginning in the 1900s and each decade through the 1960s. The collections continue to grow.

I have many years of experience working with museums, creating their advertising and promotions. I also happen to love swing dancing, big band music, antiques and old movies. All of these interests inform and inspire my work.

How it comes together: I begin with a pencil sketch on my drawing board. Many times I will resource some images from public domain sources or create vintage style collage art from copyright free materials. Some of the photographic solutions to the invites are created from photos that I shoot of my personal collection of vintage items. For example, my Mother’s pearl necklace and ring box from her engagement in 1944 (as seen in the 1940s Classic Vintage collection).  I design a collection based on the styles, fashions and music from a specific decade.

All of the imagery is created here in my studio. I then upload the images to a print on demand source called Zazzle. The images are designed in layers so that they can be customized to suit a clients personalization needs. I am assured that Zazzle will produce the highest quality printed invites and products with the most options for paper choice and custom options. Zazzle is the world leader in print on demand printing. They are deeply passionate about customization. When ordered, each product is made and shipped typically within 24 hours, and guaranteed you’ll love it or your money back.


I am pleased to say that my main contributor to the blog is the maid of honor from my wedding day in 1996. Pam brings a breath of fresh air to the blog and we are happy to have her ideas and inspiration to share with all of the VWI Brides.


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COPYRIGHT PROTECTED: All rights to the images on this site are / Chameleon Studio Inc. copyright © protected. Please do not use them without permission. We take reuse and copying of our properties without permission very seriously, and will pursue unlicensed use of our artwork with legal action.

How To Create An Art Deco Wedding

garycooperclarabowWe love the idea of an Art Deco Wedding. Adding even more elegance and romance to a day that is already heady with emotion, the Art Deco approach to your wedding day is one that will make your wedding a meaningful and memorable event for you and your guests. Weddings are the high point in any calendar of events, but the added anticipation of unexpected fun will have your guests marking the date and happily planning their attire for your glamorous day.cheers_shvis

Firstly establish the theme. It’s all about the attitude and influences of the 1920s and 1930s. Get yourself informed and in the right frame of mind by watching movies placed in the era like De-Lovely, The Great Gatsby, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, and films made back in the day like the wonderful Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers confections, Swing Time And Top Hat.

By selecting the period-perfect Art Deco Bridal Shower Invitations, Engagement Party Invitations and Wedding Invitations, you will literally send the right message to your guests, getting them in the correct vintage frame of mind. Even the pre-wedding events like bridal showers can be held with the art deco theme.

Art Deco Wedding Shower InvitationThe total effect and a consistent execution of Art Deco Theme can be achieved by first selecting the Art Deco Wedding Shower or Engagement Party Invitations.  These invites match the Art Deco Wedding Invitation “Silhouettes Collection” perfectly. Or Choose one of our other vintage shower invites, perhaps one a bit more baudy.

Our Vintage 1920s-30s Wedding Shower Invitations features a 1930’s Pin Up Girl dressed in

Jazz Age Attire for a big party.  A perfect shower invitation for the bride and or couple who love all of the the vintage spirit of the roaring 1920’s. Also in keeping with the Art Deco theme is our “He Popped The Question” Shower invitation.Art Deco Wedding Invitation Suite

For your art deco wedding invitations consider the The bold, linear graphic style of our Art Deco wedding invitation “Art Deco Silhouettes”.  Particularly appropriate for Great Gatsby, Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties, and Art Deco style wedding themes. This suite offers a classic art deco palette of black, cream and raspberry. We suggest choosing the elegant metallic paper stock in “Ice”, creating a shimmery satin-like effect.moon_wed_suite


Our Vintage 1930s Moonlight Wedding invitations will create anticipation of your wonderful upcoming ceremony. An elegant peak into to your evening-time event, this invitation will conjure up the lyrics from Cole Porter’s love songs. A perfect opportunity to feature the photo backdrop moon at your reception as done back in the 1920s. This invitation and it’s matching components are suggested to print on metallic paper stock, in Ice, so that the man in the moon and the stars will sparkle and glow.

Planning your art deco wedding needs to include the perfect location as well. The overall effect of the event should be awash in 1920s era ambiance. The search for the right location can be loads of fun. Look into vintage hotels, bed and breakfasts, historic homes, mansions, and museums. Check out historic landmarks, parks, theaters and dance halls built in the 1920s. Even nightclubs built around a speak-easy theme may be just the ticket for a one-of-a-kind affair. Check in with your local historical preservation groups and, if you are lucky, an area art deco society.

Art Deco Wedding

The St. Petersburg Coliseum built in the 1920s is still standing and ready for your art deco wedding.

Setting the stage. Once the location for the wedding and reception is set begin to conceptualize the vintage elements that will add special details to the event. We suggest a special display for the guest book table that features a collection of framed vintage photos of the bride and grooms parents, grandparents and great-grand parents on their wedding day. Center pieces for an art deco effect would feature the color scheme from your invitations and bridesmaid dresses. white+flowers+with+ostrich+feathers+centerpieceThink beyond the traditional floral center piece and consider a swirl of pearls surrounding a vase of white ostrich feathers placed onto a mirrored disk. Surround the bottom of the vase with strings of pearls. Or more simply, a hurricane candle holder with a circle of a white feather boa. Classic elements to your reception can include accents of black and creme. Think black napkins, cream table cloths, a black grand piano with a cream piano scarf and a center piece of cream roses. Keep it simple and classic, and art deco moderne.

Do you love the headband Clara Bow is wearing in our top image? Try this cute little number Wine and Dynamo Headband from ModCloth  And remember to take a look at our 1920s Wedding Styles, Fashion and Music Page on our previous blog entry for more ideas about your attire, wedding flowers, music and dance.




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Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas!

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

Retro bridal shower invites representing the 1950s

We have so many fun Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas! Make your wedding shower truly unique by planning a bridal shower in a vintage theme. Begin by choosing an era, and then choose a vintage or retro invitation to set the tone for the fun that will follow!  There are many avenues to choose from; a traditional ladies’ get together, engagement party, bachelorette party, girls night out, Hen’s Party or couples shower.  Any pre-wedding party may be a themed affair, adding even more fun to the event. Retro and vintage shower invitations are a wonderful way to remove so much of the formality that gets attached to the wedding proceedings and allows your guests and the two of you have a bit of fun as well.

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

1940s Wedding Shower Telegram Invitations

If your wedding is formal you may wish to relax the atmosphere by choosing a retro theme for the pre-party events. On the same note, you may also wish to express your personality to your family and friends by theming all of the wedding events in vintage style throughout. Many of the vintage wedding invitation suites at our Vintage Wedding Invitation Shop have matching bridal shower invitations to coordinate every step of the way, and all of the eras have wedding shower invitations to coordinate with your decade of choice.

The shop offers Wedding Shower Invitations and Wedding Invitation Suites in decade-by-decade themes. We start at the turn of the century in the 1900s and proceed through the art nouveau and art deco 1920s and Hollywood style 1930s, classic vintage 1940s, the fabulous 1950s and the mid-century modern 1960s.

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

1920s Art Deco Wedding Shower and Party Invites

This blog entry is the first in a series of Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas that will inspire and inform you of the fun details that will add to a Vintage Bridal Shower Party. I will go into depth over the coming weeks exploring each era and concept, sharing unique ideas for memorable events. Cheers!

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

Click the images to see all the Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

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Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Lots of super fun Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations!  This image shows only a very few of our retro Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower and Couples Shower party Invitation designs with vintage flair and retro fun!  Decades of fun, fabulous, elegant and stunning designs to customize yourself. The shop offers Wedding Shower Invitations and Wedding Invitation Suites in decade-by-decade themes.

Customize our Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations to suit your own event, be it an engagement party for the happy couple, a proper ladies Bridal Shower Day, A raucous Retro Housewife Bridal Shower or a Bachelorette party these invites will set the mood for a memorable and fun event!  Be sure to see the matching thank you notes and party favors!


Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations
All of our wedding invitations are customizable. Click on the images below to go to the COLLECTIONS. By clicking the “CUSTOMIZE IT” button you will see the artwork divided up into layers that you can easily transfer to your own names and message. Be creative!
Click the images below to visit the Collections and to customize and order:

Vintage Wedding Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations


vintage wedding invitations

It’s Only A Paper Moon…

Vintage Wedding Invitations will make your very special day even more memorable. Our Vintage Bridal shower invitations are designed to inspire extraordinary parties for the happy couple. We welcome you to a very romantic part of your life. We invite you to indulge in every aspect of the once in a lifetime celebration of your wedding.

Vintage wedding invitations are a unique and nostalgic way to announce your engagement and wedding date to your guests, and have them eagerly anticipating your event. Fall in love with a vintage style, Art Nouveau, or 1920s Art Deco to 1930s Retro Hollywood and Classic Vintage 1940s designs. How about the Fabulous 1950s, or a 1960s Vintage Vegas theme? Customize your invitations to the wedding of your dreams by visiting our shop and creating these wonderfully vintage inspired invitations yourself!

A perfect vintage themed wedding begins with Shower Invitations and Save The Date Cards, followed by Invitations, RSVP Cards, Directions Inserts, Thank You Cards, Address Labels and all the necessary (and maybe not so necessary) elements to cover all the details.

Just like our vintage wedding invitations Suites Collections, this website will grow everyday. Please check back with us often and email us if you need special customization or have a special project that we can help you with.