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Moonlight Romance Favor Bag


Sending your guests home with a Wedding Day Favor is a wonderful idea. Give them a souvenir to remember the wonderful time they had on your special day. Understandably at this point in the wedding planning the budget is probably getting a bit tight. Perhaps it is time to gather all of the Bridesmaids, Mothers, Grandmothers and crafty types to a pre-nuptial lunch and favor making day.  Here is an idea for making a charming, and affordable Vintage Wedding Favor Bag DIY gift that will be coveted by your guests.

Gather all the materials for your favor bags project in advance of the luncheon.
Favor bags can be purchased affordably online. For this example we selected these lovely satin favor bags, that can also be monogrammed if you like.

Favor Cards : You will need the coordinated favor cards that match your suite: For our example see the magical Moonlight Romance Favor Cards Here. Customize them to say Thank You or even add a favorite poem or song lyric.

• Hole Punch: You’ll need a few hole punches to share.

What to put inside the bags?
We like the idea of Lavender Wedding Rice making the gift a sachet that will scent the reception and can be tucked away in a drawer, bringing a heavenly reminder to your guest of your special day, a very vintage thing to do actually. You could also opt for mints, chocolates, jelly beans or (my fav) Jordan Almonds Candy.


Lavender (Photo credit: Pete Reed)

Now The Fun Begins:
• Fill each bag with your choice of treat. If you have decided on lavender buds you will want to be sure that the satin bag is securely tied shut. If there is some spilling out assign one of the gal’s a needle and thread in a matching thread color to add four or five delicate stitches just to the gathered tops of the bags after they are filled and tied.
• Punch a hole in the upper right corner of the Favor Card.
• Slide one end of the satin tie end through the hole.
• Tie a knot in the satin tie to prevent the card slipping off.

How charming! Imagine every place setting having a Favor Bag beside it – or assign a flower girl to pass them out at the end of the reception. All of our Vintage Wedding Shower and Wedding Invitations features a card that can be customized just for this purpose. Visit the shop to customize your Favor Cards!

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