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About our Vintage Wedding Invitations. VintageWeddingInvitation.com began as an off-spring of my profession as a graphic designer and illustrator.  I am Diane and I have been creating commercial art for 20+ years. One day, a few years ago, I had a client request a vintage style invitation for her wedding. She was a swing dancer and avid fan of the Old Hollywood style of the 1930s and 1940s, and since I shared that same interest, the assignment was a joy. That same day I believe V-W-I was born.

Since this single design was created for this one person, I have grown this concept into a business with designs for wedding and showers that reflect the styles of the decades beginning in the 1900s and each decade through the 1960s. The collections continue to grow.

I have many years of experience working with museums, creating their advertising and promotions. I also happen to love swing dancing, big band music, antiques and old movies. All of these interests inform and inspire my work.

How it comes together: I begin with a pencil sketch on my drawing board. Many times I will resource some images from public domain sources or create vintage style collage art from copyright free materials. Some of the photographic solutions to the invites are created from photos that I shoot of my personal collection of vintage items. For example, my Mother’s pearl necklace and ring box from her engagement in 1944 (as seen in the 1940s Classic Vintage collection).  I design a collection based on the styles, fashions and music from a specific decade.

All of the imagery is created here in my studio. I then upload the images to a print on demand source called Zazzle. The images are designed in layers so that they can be customized to suit a clients personalization needs. I am assured that Zazzle will produce the highest quality printed invites and products with the most options for paper choice and custom options. Zazzle is the world leader in print on demand printing. They are deeply passionate about customization. When ordered, each product is made and shipped typically within 24 hours, and guaranteed you’ll love it or your money back.


I am pleased to say that my main contributor to the blog is the maid of honor from my wedding day in 1996. Pam brings a breath of fresh air to the blog and we are happy to have her ideas and inspiration to share with all of the VWI Brides.


We also have some other entertaining shops for you to explore:

Fun retro items that make groovy gifts and cards and invitations with a vintage vibe

My professional portfolio of commercial art, graphic design and illustration.

Retro Christmas cards and invitations with visuals of Christmas memorabilia including Mid Century icons, vintage Christmas decorations, antiques, and images that make you say “I remember that”!

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How To Throw A Retro Housewife Bridal Shower


Retro Housewife Bridal Shower Invitations

Retro Housewife Bridal Shower Invitations

Let’s have some vintage fun with a Retro Housewife Bridal Shower Theme. Planning this Wedding Shower will be a blast from the past! The first step of the event planning is selecting just the right invitations to set the mood and send the correct message to all of the party guests. Choose your Retro Housewife Shower invitations from the exciting collection at our Vintage Wedding Invitation Shop.

Retro Bride Shower Invitations

Retro Bride Shower Invitations

“She’ll be a Nifty Housewife!” says the retro gal ready to pour coffee. This invite has a recipe card printed on the back so that all the guests can pass along their favorite home cooking recipes to the new bride. An overjoyed retro Bride invites your guests to you event with the Retro Bride Wedding Shower Invitation.

This cute invite will get your gal pals inspired and planning their outfits weeks in advance of the shower. All of the Retro Bridal Shower Invites at VintageWeddingInvitation are fully customizable and are available in multiple color ways. Don’t miss the favors that match as well.

Housewife Bridal Shower DIY Stickers

Add decoration to the event with Party Picks to match your invites. Use these easy DIY Appetizer flags in cupcakes with colorful pastel shades of frosting, or strawberries dipped in chocolate. Get the details on this project here. Tables can be set with mismatched thrift store china and pastel gingham tablecloths. Be sure to have a selection of multiple colors of gingham to add a festive flair.rhwifeaprons_showerblog

BlueVelvetVintage.com Polka Dots Dress

Every housewife of the 1950s wore her best vintage style apron to keep their outfit smart and fresh. Pick up a selection with fun retro housewife sayings on them to distribute to your guests to wear to add fun to the party.

kitchen utensil centerpieceEncourage your guests to wear vintage dresses and be sure to have your camera on-hand. Wonderful, knock-out retro reproduction dresses are available at our favorite vintage clothing shop BlueVelvetVintage.  You could even hire a photographer and have a selection of props ready for staging photographs. Create a display made up of vintage housewares for photo ops. Retro cocktail shakers and martini glasses, ironing boards, mixing bowls and wooden spoons…rolling pins, frying pans… you get the idea. You could also use these as centerpieces for the tables.

Retro Housewife Bridal Shower Game time. You have so much to chat about but perhaps there needs to be a bit of an ice breaker to get folks warmed up. I suggest the age old game of Gossip. Here’s how:
  • Get the gals together in a group Have everyone sit in a circle.
    Turn up the music – we suggest some swinging Count Basie, “One O’clock Jump”.
  • Getting started. The first gal at the start of the circle will whisper a phrase about the bride or the groom into the ear of the person sitting them. (For Example:  She Says, “Todd shaves his chest hair”)
  • The next person will then whisper what they hear (or think they hear) to the next person, and so on, until the person at the other end of the line receives the given word or phrase. NO Repeats!
  • The last person is the Bride. She will have to say the phrase out loud. The fun part is when the Bride says it out loud, and the first person says the original phrase out loud. Everyone usually gets a good laugh out of it, since most of the time the 2 phrases are nothing alike, and full of nonsense. Perhaps it turns out that “Todd is full of hot air”!

Be sure to see the page that shows our array of fun Retro Bridal Shower Invitations!

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How To Throw An Art Deco Wedding Shower

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation Suite

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation Suite

Think about hiring a photographer and doing a vintage photo shoot. Have the gals all pose in their beaded flapper dresses and have a collection of feather boas, headbands, cigarette extenders, fans, martini glasses, hand mirrors and the like to use as props.  For the guys have fat cigars, fake tommy guns, fedoras, and cocktail shakers. Rent a piano (if you don’t own one) pose the groom-to-be playing and the bride-to-be perched on top as if serenading him. Another classic 1920s photo image is the cut out crescent moon stage backdrop on a black starry sky, young lovers nestled inside the curve of the moon.

A speakeasy party will be one that will always be remembered. Be sure to add a password to the 1920 theme wedding shower invitations to kick off the event. Have a large friend in a vintage tux serve as “Bouncer” or a girlfriend dressed in a mans tuxedo (ah la Marlene Dietrich in “Give Me The Man“) as a greeter at the door. Serve a signature cocktail in teacups, so the coppers won’t getcha. Music? Is there any other choice for the 1920s? It was the JAZZ AGE! Here is a go to list of 1920s Jazz standards, but I encourage you to listen and chose the exact Jazz tunes that will set the proper mood for your event. Again I say Cole Porter. Look at the movie “De-lovely” for some added era appropriate musical inspiration.

Vintage 1920s-30s Wedding Shower Invitations

Ooh La La 1920s-30s Wedding Shower Invitations

Moonlight Romance Shower Invitations

Moonlight Romance Shower Invitations

Create excitement with this engagement party, an art deco wedding shower! Be sure to have the cocktails shaking and your guests dressed up in their best Great Gatsby attire. I can just hear the soundtrack for this fab party – Cole Porter singing “Let’s Misbehave” will get the ball rolling. Ain’t We Got Fun?!

Art Deco Wedding Shower Invitation

Art Deco “Popped The Question” Invitations

As for decor think ART DECO, of course. The presence of a graphic pattern – a strong cubist design (not floral, that would be Art Nouveau), use the pattern repeated on the place cards, and chose a color scheme that screams 1920. Try black and gold, deep brick-red and mustard yellow, emerald-green and peach….or my favorite dusty pink and black. Lighting should be soft and warm, drape vintage scarfs over crook-neck lamps, or use swag lamps with crystal mini chandeliers over each small round table. Table cloths of black underskirts with an over lay of the contrasting color of your palette. Lots of fine crystal glasses, and perhaps vintage china from thrift shops in mismatched designs but all from the 1920s and 1930s.

As far as food and drink  – begin the evening with aperitifs complimented by olives, nuts or canapes – followed by a catered dinner – one done with a vintage flair and fine silver. Then finger food sized desserts – served in a separate room – complimenting the after dinner cocktails. Of course chocolate covered strawberries compliment champagne perfectly.

If the event is to planned around a couples shower or engagement party then hold a nice dinner followed by libations and party games  – we like Charades played with a Golden Age Of Hollywood / 1920s theme. Have your guests acting out clues to The Great Gatsby, Chicago, Citizen Kane and Downton Abbey among other memorable movies and TV shows based in the 1920s.

 1920s Art Deco Wedding Shower & Party Invites

1920s Art Deco Wedding Shower & Party Invites

Remember, it’s all about creating memories. Be sure to collect photos and souvenirs along the way to add to your scrapbook of wedding day nostalgia.

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Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas!

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

Retro bridal shower invites representing the 1950s

We have so many fun Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas! Make your wedding shower truly unique by planning a bridal shower in a vintage theme. Begin by choosing an era, and then choose a vintage or retro invitation to set the tone for the fun that will follow!  There are many avenues to choose from; a traditional ladies’ get together, engagement party, bachelorette party, girls night out, Hen’s Party or couples shower.  Any pre-wedding party may be a themed affair, adding even more fun to the event. Retro and vintage shower invitations are a wonderful way to remove so much of the formality that gets attached to the wedding proceedings and allows your guests and the two of you have a bit of fun as well.

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

1940s Wedding Shower Telegram Invitations

If your wedding is formal you may wish to relax the atmosphere by choosing a retro theme for the pre-party events. On the same note, you may also wish to express your personality to your family and friends by theming all of the wedding events in vintage style throughout. Many of the vintage wedding invitation suites at our Vintage Wedding Invitation Shop have matching bridal shower invitations to coordinate every step of the way, and all of the eras have wedding shower invitations to coordinate with your decade of choice.

The VintageWeddingInvitation.com shop offers Wedding Shower Invitations and Wedding Invitation Suites in decade-by-decade themes. We start at the turn of the century in the 1900s and proceed through the art nouveau and art deco 1920s and Hollywood style 1930s, classic vintage 1940s, the fabulous 1950s and the mid-century modern 1960s.

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

1920s Art Deco Wedding Shower and Party Invites

This blog entry is the first in a series of Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas that will inspire and inform you of the fun details that will add to a Vintage Bridal Shower Party. I will go into depth over the coming weeks exploring each era and concept, sharing unique ideas for memorable events. Cheers!

Vintage Bridal Shower Ideas

Click the images to see all the Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

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Vintage Wedding Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations are our specialty! Every Bride wants her wedding to one of a kind, and here you will find unique invitations that you can customize yourself. Customize the invites online, see the proofs in real-time, and order on the spot. Simply beautiful!  Each Vintage Wedding Design is presented in a coordinated collection. All the stationery items needed as well as favors that coordinate perfectly and will always be treasured. For vintage event ideas, look over our “Era Style Sheets” for vintage wedding advice on style, fashion and music. And learn fun “do it yourself” ideas in our blog. Create a memorable, imaginative, one of a kind, fun-filled wedding celebration by customizing our original designs. Congratulations on your engagement!


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All rights to the images on this site are VintageWeddingInvitation.com / Chameleon Studio Inc. copyright © protected.

Vintage Wedding Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations


vintage wedding invitations

It’s Only A Paper Moon…

Vintage Wedding Invitations will make your very special day even more memorable. Our Vintage Bridal shower invitations are designed to inspire extraordinary parties for the happy couple. We welcome you to a very romantic part of your life. We invite you to indulge in every aspect of the once in a lifetime celebration of your wedding.

Vintage wedding invitations are a unique and nostalgic way to announce your engagement and wedding date to your guests, and have them eagerly anticipating your event. Fall in love with a vintage style, Art Nouveau, or 1920s Art Deco to 1930s Retro Hollywood and Classic Vintage 1940s designs. How about the Fabulous 1950s, or a 1960s Vintage Vegas theme? Customize your invitations to the wedding of your dreams by visiting our shop and creating these wonderfully vintage inspired invitations yourself!

A perfect vintage themed wedding begins with Shower Invitations and Save The Date Cards, followed by Invitations, RSVP Cards, Directions Inserts, Thank You Cards, Address Labels and all the necessary (and maybe not so necessary) elements to cover all the details.

Just like our vintage wedding invitations Suites Collections, this website will grow everyday. Please check back with us often and email us if you need special customization or have a special project that we can help you with.