Art Deco Wedding Invitations | Moonlight Romance Style

Our Art Deco Wedding Invitations in Moonlight Romance wedding suite will conjure up thoughts of a wedding filled with jazz music and champagne. A magical way to begin your marriage. Our Vintage 1930s Moonlight Wedding invitations will create anticipation of your wonderful upcoming ceremony. An elegant peak into to your event, this invitation is particularly appropriate for Jazz Age, Art Deco and Roaring 20s style wedding themes.  The 1930s were an age of elegant fashion and beautiful lifestyle.  You will find the Moonlight Romance collection to be one of our most complete in added pieces to make your event bathed in romance. From the invites to the rsvps and enclosures, to the table numbers, table cards, thank you notes, favor bag stickers, postage stamps, return address stickers and the commemorative wedding day poster – this art deco wedding suite will make your wedding day especially memorable for you and your guests. This invitation suite is suggested to print on metallic paper stock, in Ice, so that the man in the moon and the stars will sparkle and glow. Be sure to read all about creating an Art Deco event here in our blog.

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Art Deco Moonlight Romance Vintage Wedding Invitations Suite

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Great Gatsby Style Wedding Invitations

We here are all a flutter over the upcoming movie “The Great Gatsby“. We loved the previous 1974 movie with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and are looking forward to this new exciting incarnation.  If you loved the deliciousness of Moulin Rouge as I did, then we can look forward together to the same dazzling creativity and authenticity by Catherine Martin.Director Baz Luhrmanns’ can boast that she is his designer as well as his wife, and is gifted in her talent for fabulous set design and creation of memorable scenes. The Great Gatsby style is also reflected in the costumes that received the attention of Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada as well. The Great Gatsby will surely be inspiring brides as soon as the movies spins off it’s reels on May 10, 2013.

Great Gatsby Wedding InvitationsThis heady excitement has inspired us to revise the “Art Deco Silhouettes Wedding Suite” in a color scheme reminiscent of the films dazzling graphics.  We anticipate weddings and bridal showers all over the world taking on the Art Deco aesthetic and the Great Gatsby Style of the Roaring 20s. From the wedding invitations to the bridal gown to the center pieces we see opportunity for Jazz Age splendor and opulence. Start off your wedding celebrations with the spectacular “Art Deco Silhouettes Wedding Suite” and build the expectations of your guests for a wedding event that will be the epitome of Jazz Age Glamour.

Ooh Lala! Fabulous Art Deco Style Wedding Invitation Suite is also available in elegant pink and black color scheme. See this version here: Art Deco Silhouettes | Pink and Black

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How To Throw An Art Deco Wedding Shower

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation Suite

Art Deco Hollywood Bridal Shower Invitation Suite

Think about hiring a photographer and doing a vintage photo shoot. Have the gals all pose in their beaded flapper dresses and have a collection of feather boas, headbands, cigarette extenders, fans, martini glasses, hand mirrors and the like to use as props.  For the guys have fat cigars, fake tommy guns, fedoras, and cocktail shakers. Rent a piano (if you don’t own one) pose the groom-to-be playing and the bride-to-be perched on top as if serenading him. Another classic 1920s photo image is the cut out crescent moon stage backdrop on a black starry sky, young lovers nestled inside the curve of the moon.

A speakeasy party will be one that will always be remembered. Be sure to add a password to the 1920 theme wedding shower invitations to kick off the event. Have a large friend in a vintage tux serve as “Bouncer” or a girlfriend dressed in a mans tuxedo (ah la Marlene Dietrich in “Give Me The Man“) as a greeter at the door. Serve a signature cocktail in teacups, so the coppers won’t getcha. Music? Is there any other choice for the 1920s? It was the JAZZ AGE! Here is a go to list of 1920s Jazz standards, but I encourage you to listen and chose the exact Jazz tunes that will set the proper mood for your event. Again I say Cole Porter. Look at the movie “De-lovely” for some added era appropriate musical inspiration.

Vintage 1920s-30s Wedding Shower Invitations

Ooh La La 1920s-30s Wedding Shower Invitations

Moonlight Romance Shower Invitations

Moonlight Romance Shower Invitations

Create excitement with this engagement party, an art deco wedding shower! Be sure to have the cocktails shaking and your guests dressed up in their best Great Gatsby attire. I can just hear the soundtrack for this fab party – Cole Porter singing “Let’s Misbehave” will get the ball rolling. Ain’t We Got Fun?!

Art Deco Wedding Shower Invitation

Art Deco “Popped The Question” Invitations

As for decor think ART DECO, of course. The presence of a graphic pattern – a strong cubist design (not floral, that would be Art Nouveau), use the pattern repeated on the place cards, and chose a color scheme that screams 1920. Try black and gold, deep brick-red and mustard yellow, emerald-green and peach….or my favorite dusty pink and black. Lighting should be soft and warm, drape vintage scarfs over crook-neck lamps, or use swag lamps with crystal mini chandeliers over each small round table. Table cloths of black underskirts with an over lay of the contrasting color of your palette. Lots of fine crystal glasses, and perhaps vintage china from thrift shops in mismatched designs but all from the 1920s and 1930s.

As far as food and drink  – begin the evening with aperitifs complimented by olives, nuts or canapes – followed by a catered dinner – one done with a vintage flair and fine silver. Then finger food sized desserts – served in a separate room – complimenting the after dinner cocktails. Of course chocolate covered strawberries compliment champagne perfectly.

If the event is to planned around a couples shower or engagement party then hold a nice dinner followed by libations and party games  – we like Charades played with a Golden Age Of Hollywood / 1920s theme. Have your guests acting out clues to The Great Gatsby, Chicago, Citizen Kane and Downton Abbey among other memorable movies and TV shows based in the 1920s.

 1920s Art Deco Wedding Shower & Party Invites

1920s Art Deco Wedding Shower & Party Invites

Remember, it’s all about creating memories. Be sure to collect photos and souvenirs along the way to add to your scrapbook of wedding day nostalgia.

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1920s Vintage Wedding Style, Fashions, and Music

1920s Vintage Wedding Style

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1920s Wedding Style. It was the Jazz Age… The Roaring Twenties!  Art Deco design was influencing fashion and decor. The spirit of the era was symbolized by flappers, bobbing their hair, doing the Charleston, and slipping away for a party at the speakeasy.

Women wore their lips in a bee-stung pout imitating “It Girl” Clara Bow. Faces were powdered pale and eyes were dramatic in their dark kohl eyeliner treatment. Eyebrows were plucked into a thin, downward sloping arch.

Brides of the 1920s Vintage Wedding Style wore daringly short gowns, sometimes revealing the knee! The style of the time called for drop waists and flattened bosoms. The veil was a statement of drama usually much longer than the dress and trailing the floor with a headpiece cloche, crown-like tiara, or a lacy bandeaux . Bridal bouquets were quite large (perhaps to cover those daring glimpses of leg) with ribbon streamers of lovers knots trailing nearly to the floor. Popular flowers included orange blossoms and chrysanthemums. The jewelry of the period is quite exquisite and reflects the art deco influence.

Leading men such as the dashing Rudolph Valentino epitomized romance and would be seen to wear the butterfly collar with their cutaway coat tuxedo, along with a new trend, the wristwatch.

1920s Vintage Wedding Style

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Not to be forgotten, we are talking about the Prohibition Era.  Consider serving drinks from the bar in teacups, speakeasy style. Tell your bartender to wear his best spats and serve up some of the cocktail creations of the era like the Bee’s Knees, The Tuxedo #2 or the Mary Pickford.

The Jazz Age will offer an abundance of musical offerings to your event. Set the mood by playing music by Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Hire a Dixieland Jazz Band to accompany your event as you and your guests flood the dance floor to partake in the Charleston!

1920s Vintage Wedding Style

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Art Deco Wedding Invitations

1920s Art Deco Wedding Invitations | Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations

1920s Art Deco Wedding Invitations are particularly appropriate for Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties, and Great Gatsby style wedding themes, this era is a marvelous choice for a very romantic and stylish event.  Art Deco Wedding Invitations are amazing, and do make a point to see the not-to-be-missed art deco bridal shower invitations collection too!

This Art Deco Vintage Wedding Suite includes invitation designs in multiple color choices, Save The Date Cards, matching RSVP cards, Enclosure cards, Thank you cards, envelope stickers and postage stamps and even a guest book.  I can just hear Cole Porter singing “Let’s Misbehave“! Request that your guests wear vintage clothes and have a Speakeasy Style reception!  Imagine your bridesmaids all in beaded flapper dresses, and the groomsmen in vintage tuxes with spats. Be sure to check out the Styles Page on our blog for this wonderful era, and the entry about how to throw a Vintage Art Deco Bridal Shower.

Click on the images to see the full collection and to Customize and order yours!

1920s art deco wedding invitations


Click on the image below to see the full collection, customize and order yours!

1920s art deco wedding invitations


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Vintage Wedding Invitations and Bridal Shower Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations are our specialty! Every Bride wants her wedding to one of a kind, and here you will find unique invitations that you can customize yourself. Customize the invites online, see the proofs in real-time, and order on the spot. Simply beautiful!  Each Vintage Wedding Design is presented in a coordinated collection. All the stationery items needed as well as favors that coordinate perfectly and will always be treasured. For vintage event ideas, look over our “Era Style Sheets” for vintage wedding advice on style, fashion and music. And learn fun “do it yourself” ideas in our blog. Create a memorable, imaginative, one of a kind, fun-filled wedding celebration by customizing our original designs. Congratulations on your engagement!


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