1940s Vintage Wedding Style, Music and Fashion

1940s Vintage Wedding Style

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Are you “In the Mood” for this romantic time? 1940s Vintage Wedding Style was influenced by wartime America. During WWII one thousand servicemen and their sweethearts  got married everyday. The decade also produced some of the most uplifting music of all time. It was a governmental order to Hollywood to produce optimistic films for the Americans abroad as well as on the home-front.

Although the women of America were the backbone of life here at home, they were also lovely to look at. Maybe “Rosie the Riveter” by day but glamour gal by night. The can-do attitude extended to the vanity table when rations were imposed –  one was to pinch their cheeks and bite their lips. However, Max Factor did come to the rescue by supplying the gals of the forties with face powder, redder than red lips, and a natural beige two toned eyelid. Topped off with liquid liner swept up at the corners and full, penciled and arched eyebrows.  A starlet look, glamorous but natural.  Brides wore their hair curled and styled in soft waves around the face, think Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth, or in “Victory” rolls on top of the head. The crown of the head remains smooth, allowing for a hat or Juliette cap.

Although the U.S. Production Board rationed fabrics and clothing, wedding gowns were exempt. Still, many brides chose to be patriotic and wear simple cocktail suits for their nuptials. Brides were also utilizing heirlooms gowns of past generations, or creating simple sewn at home dresses made from cotton. Veils were sometimes simply attached to a favorite hat. A popular bouquet flower of the day was lily of the valley or oversized corsages of orchids were pinned to the bride’s suit.

1940-1949 Classic Vintage Wedding Styles

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Military men were married wearing their uniforms and civilians wore black or cream dinner jackets. A military wedding would often feature the groomsmen in uniform forming an arch with their sabers for the happy couple to pass beneath as they left the ceremony.

1940-1949 Classic Vintage Wedding Music

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Wedding ring extravagance was a faux pas in these days of frugality.  The rings were simple affairs, as all expense was donated to the war effort.

Swing music will provide your event with romantic, and sentimental songs as well as Boogie Woogie tunes that will have the dance floor packed. Learning to Lindy Hop or Jitterbug will provide fabulous photos and have the guests remembering your wedding for years to come.  Play swing music from the popular band leaders: Glen Miller – “In the Mood”, Count Basie – “One O’Clock Jump”, Benny Goodman – “Jersey Bounce”, and not to forget classics by Ella Fitzgerald and the Andrews Sisters too.  These swingin’ tunes will all have all the wedding guests hitting the dance floor to cut a rug!

1940-1949 Classic Vintage Wedding Music


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1940s Style Wedding Invitations Suite

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Classic Vintage Wedding Invitations

Our Classic Vintage Wedding Invitations collection is elegant and romantic, featuring antique memorabilia such as an old-fashioned Bride and Groom cake topper, vintage pearls and a bow tie. It is the perfect invite for the nostalgic bride and groom who want their special day to be vintage, traditional and memorable. Ideal for a 1940s and 1950s wedding theme. This design was inspired by movies of the 1940’s as well as my own parents’ wedding back in 1948. These are my Mothers pearls and cake topper saved from the march of time by their devoted daughter and turned into art. The images ring true to the era because they are from a real wedding held in the wartime days of the 1940’s. Be sure to see our Styles Page for fashion, traditions and music ideas for a 1940s Theme Wedding and a glimpse of my parents in their wedding day portrait.

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1940s Vintage Wedding Invitations