DIY Vintage Wedding Ideas – Party Picks

 Simplediyappflag_strawb Bridal Shower Cupcake and Appetizer Flags

Every Bridal Shower must feature fabulous food. A natural is the popular finger food variety, making the preparations and serving easy for the hostess. Dressing up for the occasion is also a must – dressing up the food that is! And what fun! Today we will give you a simple and frugal way to decorate for the wedding shower by creating food flags. Place them in cupcakes, cake slices , fresh fruit and cheese. The list goes on, use your imagination – how about for the meatballs, olives and drink stirrers too!

Here is the process:
Supplies you will need:
1.    Themed Vintage Wedding and Vintage Bridal Shower Stickers
Order your stickers from Our Shop. Don’t forget to customize with the bride and grooms name, or other fun message.
2.    Long Toothpicks or drink stirrers
3.    Fun finger foods



a) Remove one sticker from the sheet and place sticky side up on your work area.
b) Place the toothpick or stirrer on the adhesive side of the sticker – centered – or playfully angled.
c) Align a second sticker onto the first sticker placing adhesive sides together.

TA-DA! An adorable accent to your Vintage Hors d’Oeuvres table. Add to appetizers arranged on color coordinated plates. If the plates do not match in color layer a color appropriate party napkin over the serving plate first. Display drink stirrers in a tall glass ready for the taking.




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