The Meanings Of Your Wedding Flowers

Roses Are Red
Nothing says “I love you” quite like a dozen red roses, but why stop there?
handwithredroseThe Meanings Of Your Wedding Flowers. For centuries brides have been saying so much without uttering a single word!

It is said that Victorians would send a nosegay of carefully chosen blooms to secretly convey the feelings that society (or shyness, perhaps?) prevented them from expressing openly. Give a nod to this oh-so-demure custom by infusing the romantic language of flowers into your special day.

Fit For A Queen
Want to carry a bit of classic Victoriana in your bouquet? Include a sprig of Myrtle, the emblem of love and marriage, and a tradition honored by every royal bride since Queen Victoria herself! The newly wed Princess Kate was no exception. Along with myrtle, her diminutive-yet-elegant bouquet included Lily of the Valley (trustworthiness); Hyacinth (constancy of love); Ivy (fidelity); and even a bit of Sweet William, representing gallantry to most, but to Kate, we suspect, it means so much more!

VWI Says: Let guests share your little secret: Include a guide to your wedding flowers and their meanings in your program, or a footnote on your invitations or display them in your place settings or centerpieces.Mini Rose Topiary

Some of Our Wedding Invitations that include floral motifs:
Victorian Wedding Invitations
Art Nouveau Wedding Invitations
1940s Classic Vintage Wedding Invitations
Art Nouveau Shower Invitations

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Symbolic Meanings of Herbs, Flowers and Trees
Angelica Inspiration
Bachelor’s button Single blessedness
Basil Good wishes
Black-eyed Susan Justice
Carnation Alas for my poor heart
Chamomile Patience
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness
Clover, white Think of me
Cumin Fidelity
Crocus, spring Youthful gladness
Daffodil Regard
Daisy Innocence, hope
Edelweiss Courage, devotion
Fern Sincerity
Forget-me-not Forget-me-not
Geranium, oak-leaved True friendship
Goldenrod Encouragement
Heliotrope Eternal love
Holly Hope
Hollyhock Ambition
Honeysuckle Bonds of love
Hyacinth Constancy of love, fertility
Ivy Friendship, continuity
Jasmine, white Sweet love
Lady’s-mantle Comforting
Lavender Devotion, virtue
Lilac Joy of youth
Lily-of-the-valley Sweetness
Marjoram Joy and happiness
Mint Virtue
Morning glory Affection
Myrtle The emblem of marriage, true love
Nasturtium Patriotism
Oak Strength
Pansy Thoughts
Parsley Festivity
Rose, red Love, desire
Rosemary Remembrance
Rue Grace, clear vision
Salvia, blue I think of you
Salvia, red Forever mine
Sorrel Affection
Sweet pea Pleasures
Sweet William Gallantry
Thyme Courage, strength
Tulip, red Declaration of love
Violet Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness
Willow Sadness
Yarrow Everlasting love
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends


1960s Vintage Wedding Styles Fashion and Music

1960s Vintage Wedding Styles

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The 1960’s were a tumultuous decade. Change was the only constant. The beginning of the decade looked more like the innocence of the fifties but by 1969 pop culture, science, fashion, and politics had changed to make the face of America unrecognizable.

Beauty in the sixties took many forms. From the cool sophistication of Kim Novak, the rollicking energy and magnetism of Anne Margaret, to the sex kitten appeal of Bridget Bardot.  Recognizable trends of the sixties ran the gamut from teased bouffant hair to a Twiggy pixie haircut. Heavy black eyeliner, the mod look of oversized false eyelashes and, eyeshadow in at least two colors – blues and greens being dominant, and frosted pink lips were signs of the times.

During this decade of diversity, wedding dresses were available from floor length to hemlines that touched the fingertips. Crinolines were still in the mix used in a more early sixties look on a mid-calf length full skirt, but later in the decade A-line wedding minis were seen. Floor length romantic looks were often worn, many had the sixties empire waistline silhouette.

1960s Vintage Wedding Styles

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Pillbox hats influenced by Jackie Kennedy were designed with attached netting for adorable bouffant length veils. Daisies were all the rage and were used in bridal spray bouquets and also made an appearance as design elements in lace.

The groom may have worn a swanky black tuxedo like 007, but in the ’60’s spirit of non-conformity tuxes were also available in colors and textures. Elvis Presley wore a black brocade paisley tux in his 1967 wedding, but he could have chosen one in almost any color and added a ruffled shirt detailed in a contrasting trim. Lapels were also seen trimmed in contrast or made from satin or velvet.

1960s Vintage Wedding Styles

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As dramatic changes went on in the sixties, the drama played out on the radio. Musical choices for a 1960’s themed wedding can span from the classic smooth and swingin’ sounds of the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra, to the twist again fun of Chubby Checker and Mo-Town and R&B sounds – even the Doo-Wop song stylists. The “Summer of Love” brought us the Beach Boys. The British invasion brought us the Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. Folk music may give you a background for a mod or Bohemian style event. The possibilities for 1960s Vintage Wedding Styles, fashion and music are inspiring. Plan your 1960s themed wedding, begin with Vintage Wedding Invitations.

Mid Century Modern wedding invitations

1960s Las Vegas Wedding Invitation

We think Elvis or Sinatra would love our Vintage Vegas Wedding Suite.

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1950s Vintage Wedding Style, Fashion and Music

1950-1959 Vintage Wedding Style, Fashion and Music

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1950s Vintage Wedding Style is influenced by many things. The 1950’s were post-war boom time. The nation was prosperous and marriage rates were high. It was an age of vast suburban housing tracts, occupied by the model American family. Televisions had invaded each household, and musical entertainment was dominated by the hi-fi playing rock and roll music. A preoccupation with all things atomic and space age reflected the optimism of the period.

Glamorous women of the fifties included Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor who inspired the makeup styles of the fifties. Foundations began with pan-cake powder in matte porcelain. The popular color for lips was ruby red in a matt texture, no gloss. Rouge in a natural rose color was placed in the apple of the cheek and blended for a subtle look. Liquid eye liner on the top lash line only, with faux lashes winged out on the ends. Brows were natural in fullness and shaped with a high arch. Hairstyles called for short hair set in curls, many styles very short (think Shirley McLaine) with pedal like pieces  around the face or a page-boy with a glamorous bang pushed off the face in a high wave.

1950-1959 Vintage Wedding Styles, Fashions and Music

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Fifties fashion was inspired by French designs, especially Dior. The availability of yardage unattainable in wartime now allowed for decadent full circle skirts. A typical wedding gown of the forties was exemplified by Elizabeth Taylor’s lace confection in 1950 and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s dress in 1953. A fifties inspired bride of today may choose to emulate a starlet of the era wearing some of the stunning Hollywood fashions of the period. Favorite gowns from Tinseltown in the fifties include Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and again in Funny Face in a dress similar to this one.

Depending upon the formality of the wedding and time of day, the 1950’s groom would wear a cutaway coat, pinstriped pants and ascot or a for less formality, a dinner jacket, often in cream with a black (narrow) bow tie. Daring fellows could be seen sporting classic white bucks on their feet.

1950-1959 Vintage Wedding Style, Fashions and Music

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The birth of rock and roll of the 1950’s gave a new energy to the dance scene. Great tunes to imbibe your event with fifties vibe include: “All Shook Up”, “Earth Angel”, “Rock Around The Clock”, and just for the romance of it, Nat King Cole‘s “Unforgettable”. The Jitterbug was still alive and well, so with some Bill Haley & The Comets on the hi-fi or a rockabilly band doing a cover, your reception could turn into a real sock hop!

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1950s Vintage Wedding Invitationinvite

We think the 1950s Vintage Wedding Invitations are just fab!

1940s Vintage Wedding Style, Music and Fashion

1940s Vintage Wedding Style

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Are you “In the Mood” for this romantic time? 1940s Vintage Wedding Style was influenced by wartime America. During WWII one thousand servicemen and their sweethearts  got married everyday. The decade also produced some of the most uplifting music of all time. It was a governmental order to Hollywood to produce optimistic films for the Americans abroad as well as on the home-front.

Although the women of America were the backbone of life here at home, they were also lovely to look at. Maybe “Rosie the Riveter” by day but glamour gal by night. The can-do attitude extended to the vanity table when rations were imposed –  one was to pinch their cheeks and bite their lips. However, Max Factor did come to the rescue by supplying the gals of the forties with face powder, redder than red lips, and a natural beige two toned eyelid. Topped off with liquid liner swept up at the corners and full, penciled and arched eyebrows.  A starlet look, glamorous but natural.  Brides wore their hair curled and styled in soft waves around the face, think Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth, or in “Victory” rolls on top of the head. The crown of the head remains smooth, allowing for a hat or Juliette cap.

Although the U.S. Production Board rationed fabrics and clothing, wedding gowns were exempt. Still, many brides chose to be patriotic and wear simple cocktail suits for their nuptials. Brides were also utilizing heirlooms gowns of past generations, or creating simple sewn at home dresses made from cotton. Veils were sometimes simply attached to a favorite hat. A popular bouquet flower of the day was lily of the valley or oversized corsages of orchids were pinned to the bride’s suit.

1940-1949 Classic Vintage Wedding Styles

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Military men were married wearing their uniforms and civilians wore black or cream dinner jackets. A military wedding would often feature the groomsmen in uniform forming an arch with their sabers for the happy couple to pass beneath as they left the ceremony.

1940-1949 Classic Vintage Wedding Music

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Wedding ring extravagance was a faux pas in these days of frugality.  The rings were simple affairs, as all expense was donated to the war effort.

Swing music will provide your event with romantic, and sentimental songs as well as Boogie Woogie tunes that will have the dance floor packed. Learning to Lindy Hop or Jitterbug will provide fabulous photos and have the guests remembering your wedding for years to come.  Play swing music from the popular band leaders: Glen Miller – “In the Mood”, Count Basie – “One O’Clock Jump”, Benny Goodman – “Jersey Bounce”, and not to forget classics by Ella Fitzgerald and the Andrews Sisters too.  These swingin’ tunes will all have all the wedding guests hitting the dance floor to cut a rug!

1940-1949 Classic Vintage Wedding Music


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1940s Style Wedding Invitations Suite

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1930s Old Hollywood Wedding Style, Fashion and Music

1930s Old Hollywood Wedding Style

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1930s Old Hollywood Wedding Style. As the country suffered through the Great Depression, Hollywood began producing the first of the uplifting full color musical pictures designed to allow the American public to escape the reality of the everyday. Swing Music gained in popularity and champagne flowed freely again as of the repeal of prohibition in 1933.

Hollywood starlets wore their hair slightly longer than the 1920’s. Finger-waves and pin curls created a soft, feminine look. Faces were pale ivory, with fine tapered eyebrows. Lips were more naturally shaped but dramatically colored with deep reds, maroons, browns and raspberry tones. Nails were done in vibrant reds with a stylish “moon manicure”.

The bridal gowns of this era were cut on the bias out of satin or silk creating a very body conscious silhouette. The formal bridal gown was floor length, and had an elaborate, long train. Chantilly lace trimmed the edges of the floor length veils that were anchored to the head with a juliet cap. Long opera length gloves completed the look of a sleeveless or butterfly sleeved bodice.

1930s Old Hollywood Wedding Style

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers graced the silver screen inspiring us in their formal attire. In “Top Hat” Fred gave us an example of a dashing groom in black tux with cutaway coat, dancing cheek to cheek with his gorgeous 1935 bride.

1930s Old Hollywood Wedding Style

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Motion picture musicals made the era a magical time, and radio was also there to lift our spirits. Play the theme songs of the 1930’s at your event and create a magical ambiance with Big Band tunes by Glen Miller – “Moonlight Serenade”, Duke Ellington- “Mood Indigo”, Benny Goodman- “Sing, Sing, Sing”, and Tommy Dorsey – “Woodchopper’s Ball”.  For your First Dance be sure to procure the services of a Vintage Dance Teacher to choreograph your swingin’ send off into married life.

1930s Old Hollywood Wedding Style


1920s Vintage Wedding Style, Fashions, and Music

1920s Vintage Wedding Style

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1920s Wedding Style. It was the Jazz Age… The Roaring Twenties!  Art Deco design was influencing fashion and decor. The spirit of the era was symbolized by flappers, bobbing their hair, doing the Charleston, and slipping away for a party at the speakeasy.

Women wore their lips in a bee-stung pout imitating “It Girl” Clara Bow. Faces were powdered pale and eyes were dramatic in their dark kohl eyeliner treatment. Eyebrows were plucked into a thin, downward sloping arch.

Brides of the 1920s Vintage Wedding Style wore daringly short gowns, sometimes revealing the knee! The style of the time called for drop waists and flattened bosoms. The veil was a statement of drama usually much longer than the dress and trailing the floor with a headpiece cloche, crown-like tiara, or a lacy bandeaux . Bridal bouquets were quite large (perhaps to cover those daring glimpses of leg) with ribbon streamers of lovers knots trailing nearly to the floor. Popular flowers included orange blossoms and chrysanthemums. The jewelry of the period is quite exquisite and reflects the art deco influence.

Leading men such as the dashing Rudolph Valentino epitomized romance and would be seen to wear the butterfly collar with their cutaway coat tuxedo, along with a new trend, the wristwatch.

1920s Vintage Wedding Style

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Not to be forgotten, we are talking about the Prohibition Era.  Consider serving drinks from the bar in teacups, speakeasy style. Tell your bartender to wear his best spats and serve up some of the cocktail creations of the era like the Bee’s Knees, The Tuxedo #2 or the Mary Pickford.

The Jazz Age will offer an abundance of musical offerings to your event. Set the mood by playing music by Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Hire a Dixieland Jazz Band to accompany your event as you and your guests flood the dance floor to partake in the Charleston!

1920s Vintage Wedding Style

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Art Deco Wedding Invitations

1900s Edwardian + Victorian Wedding Style, Fashions, and Music

1900s Edwardian Wedding Style

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The Turn Of The Century – La Belle Époque – The early 1900’s. 1900s Edwardian and Victorian Wedding Style was influenced by the vast changes in lifestyle were created by fantastic inventions and discoveries. Imagine a decade that brought about the first commonly used electricity into homes, The Ford Model T, the first flight by the Wright Brothers and the amazing Victrola. Sadly it also encompassed the First World War as well. These tumultuous times brought about new trends in lifestyle and fashion. Women progress in expressing themselves which also included their beauty regimes and fashions. Newly confident women wore a feminine silhouette, curvy hips under long skirts that brushed the floor.  Throughout the decade, changes were prevalent in women’s wear. Early 1900s styles proved to be dramatically different from their 1919 counterparts. Influences included the Charles Dana Gibson “Gibson Girl” and the birth of the Parisian haute couture. A Bride of the 1900s era may have been a vision in lace in an Edwardian style. She would have a “pouter pigeon” bosom silhouette, corseted bodice and romantic ruffles, a tiny waist encircled with a satin ribbon above a lavish skirt, perhaps carrying a parasol as an accent. This era also offers brides a Gibson Girl look for hairstyles, soft and upswept.  A mid-decade bride would wear “cutting edge” fashions of the day from Paris, a neo-Empire style. Late decade styles simplified dresses and brought about a slimmer silhouette, with less fabric in the skirts, foreshadowing the changes yet to be seen in the 1920s. Jewelry may feature lovely art nouveau designs, and later in the century, diamonds from Tiffany were all the rage.

1900-1919 Turn Of The Century Wedding Brides1900-1919 Turn Of The Century Wedding Brides1900-1919 Turn Of The Century Wedding Brides

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Ladies cosmetics in the 1900s were used in a way so as to appear un-made-up. Make up in the early part of the century was frowned upon, for fear of being seen as a “loose woman”. It was desirable to appear as if the sun had never kissed your face, paler than pale porcelain skin was the canvas to begin with. All make up effects were to appear as if you were born that way. A smokey eye, full eye brows and a rosy blush will make your groom swoon. The proper bridal bouquet for a 1900s bride would be the stunning arm sheath bouquet. Popular in the early 1900’s under the name of Bernhardt bouquets; inspired by bouquets given to the actress, Sarah Bernhardt. The bride carries the bouquet cradled in her arm, also known as a presentation bouquet. Flowers of choice were white roses, white orchids, lilies of the valley, or orange blossoms.

1900s Wedding Invitation Styles

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For the groom, the long, lean, and athletic silhouette of the 1890s remained popular. Hair was cut worn short. Beards were less pointed and curled moustaches were popular. The cutaway morning coat was worn for formal day occasions, with striped trousers. The most formal evening dress was a dark tail coat and trousers with a dark or light waistcoat. Evening wear was worn with a white bow tie and shirt with winged collar. Popular images for the era included the Arrow Collar Man created by J.C. Leyendecker.

1900-1919 Turn Of The Century Wedding Brides1900-1919 Turn Of The Century Wedding Brides1900-1919 Turn Of The Century Wedding Groom

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New to 1906, The Victrola brought recorded music home in style. Starting out your reception party with a few Ragtime selections like Scott Joplin‘s “Maple Leaf Rag” and going through the early Jazz Age including early jazz standards will be a wonderfully fun, and charming soundtrack for a wedding reception. Be sure to hit the dance floor in 1900s style, following the example of Irene and Vernon Castle by doing the Foxtrot, Tango, Peabody and other ragtime dances. Be sure to hire a dance teacher with vintage dance experience to choreograph your first dance in vintage style. Seek further guidance to this era by watching the television series “Downton Abbey” and movies such as “Howard’s End” and “My Fair Lady“.

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